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Haden Keeton

Co-Founder & CEO

Haden is married to Kylie and has 3 children. He has lived and worked in some of the most diverse cities on the globe including Cape Town, London, Stockholm, Istanbul and Sao Paulo, and has travelled extensively with both a backpack and briefcase to all four corners of the globe.


Following 20-years of various corporate and agency leadership roles, Haden co-founded EXPX with Peter. Haden has a passion for change, specifically for improving the future of our community and surrounding areas. Haden believes that effective change initiatives close to home can be expanded to affect our broader society and eventually the nation.


Haden also believes that innovation should be simple, empathetic to all stakeholders and ideally a product of diversity, if we have any hope of putting South Africa and the rest of the Globe on a path to a better future.


Peter Moss

Co-Founder & COO

Peter is a family man who has been married for 25-years to Wendy. They have 3 children. Peter loves the sea and the Bush, and spends many hours on his mountain bike traversing some of the more remote trails that the KZN North Coast has to offer.


Peter has worked extensively throughout Africa in timber, mining and construction, during which time he committed much of his time to mission outreach to help far-removed communities become self-sufficient in growing their food. Peter has a passion for people, new ideas and collaboration, and enjoys seeing his efforts impact community and create opportunity for others.


Having experienced how education has affected both himself and the broader community, Peter is determined to play a leading role in evolving the methods and techniques that schools utilise to educate and prepare children for the future.

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